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Dillon personnel are licensed installers by manufacturers of all types of commercial roofing applications. From TPO to EPDM to elastomeric coatings Dillon can do it all. The knowledge base of Dillon is important in helping you think through all parts of your roof replacement. We can suggest alternative applications and cost saving modifications. Dillon is capable of performing any type of roof maintenance to ensure the longevity of your current roof application.
Property management firms and home/condo owners and owner associations can count on Dillon General Contractors to provide them a thorough roof evaluation and recommendations. Knowing expected costs allows businesses to plan. Call Dillon to set up an inspection and we will provide a detailed condition report, lifespan projection, maintenance and future application suggestions. We can also provide a full roof replacement price quote.
Green roofing options are becoming more attractive to businesses in our current energy environment. Dillon General Contractors stays up to date on environmentally friendly roof applications and includes them in all proposals. If the space below the roof is air-conditioned, a green roof application will save money on energy and possibly qualify you for substantial government and provider rebates.